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Summer cheese makes me feel fine…

tomato and mozzarella salad

Should I change my cheese choices now it’s Summer?

The short answer is: Yes.

It’s time to throw off the heaviness of winter and embrace the lightness, fun, and warmth of summer.

It’s also time to change up your cheese choices.

Throw away thoughts of heavy cheddars and blues of winter to embrace the fun of fresh cheeses made from luscious spring and early summer milk or try light and breezy flavours that complement the abundance of seasonal fruit and vegetables at this time of year.

Cheeses at their peak of richness and flavor

At the top of their game at the moment are fresh cheeses such as mozzarella, burrata and bocconcine. Forget the packet mozzarella you might throw on a pizza these cheeses are loving made by hand, soft and luscious.  Yes, they may be fresh and great in salads but on pizza they really star!

Did you know that summer is peak time for sheep and goat milk cheese? Goats and sheep stop producing milk during the winter. So Spring and Summer is high time for milk quality and production. So how come we have fresh goat and sheep cheese all year round? Some cheese makers freeze the curds so they can produce all year round!

Let’s think fresh again and local with Milawa Ash Log, a fresh goat milk cheese rolled in ash that looks stunning on any cheese board. For versatility you can’t go past a Meredith Dairy Chevre great in salad, pasta and pizza.

Lighter fresher flavors

Sorry, mature and bitey cheddar lovers, summer is a good time to try lighter fresher flavours that provide zing to the freshness of summer fruits and vegetables. Instead of a heavy cheddar or  a big blue why not try a Danish Harvarti or less aged Margaret River Original Club Cheddar and for blue a softer style such as

Summer calls for fun and fun cheeses. Think Boursin, creamy Gournay cheese with herbs and garlic adourning your morning toast  or Chilli & Lime cheddar or mango and melon

And not to be forgotten feta – summer up your feta with a Persian dill and garlic version, so yummy!