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Cup Day picnic

Melbourne Cup picnic cheese ideas

Cup Day picnic

Take the stress out of your Melbourne Cup picnic preparations by ordering your cheese and antipasto favourites online and having them delivered to your door so you can sit back and enjoy.  Keeping your spread deliciously simple with great cheeses, sliced meats, dips and accompaniments makes it easy to create a winning picnic menu. To be sure you need a winning cheese selection so let’s start there.

While it’s not always the best bet to stay with the favourites in the big race, when it comes to cheese this doesn’t apply. Think about a trifecta of cheeses that are going to be winners on the day.

A solid cheddar favourite that everyone likes such as Applewood Smoked Cheddar. Don’t be put off by the “smoke”, its a soft flavour that adds depth to an impressive English cheddar.

A softer Brie or Camembert that’s in good form and ready to eat with fresh berries. Let’s think a huge slice of delicious double cream King Fisher Brie as your best bet.

Everyone loves an outsider that could be a winner. Try a different approach to blue with the beautifully soft and subtle Gippsland Tarago River Shadows of Blue or the buttery sweeteness of Queso de Cabra sometimes referred to as “Goat Manchego”.

The utterly gorgeous Shadows of Blue

It’s a special occasion so dress up your protein selection to add colour and a touch of class with slices of truffle salami or smoked fish (salmon or trout) or chicken.  To add that very special finishing touch try wrapping pieces of pear, peach, nectarine and brie or blanched new season’s asparagus in luscious prosciutto.

With a little extra effort you can take your favourite everyday dips to clear winners Try:

  • a drizzle of chile olive oil over hummus to spice it up
  • creating a creamy pesto dip by adding a dollop of sour cream or cream fraiche
  • adding an avo to tzatziki and dust with smoked paprika
  • garnishing a beetroot dip with toasted pine nuts, almond, pistachio and crumbled feta
Winning beetroot and feta cheese combo in a dip!

It’s the accessories that make a Cup day outfit pop so think juicy marinated olives,  sweet and tangy fig paste or jam, smoky marinated vegetables such as artichokes or peppers or tangy pickled vegetables such as sweet baby onions or spicy cucumbers.

Choose between crispy crackers that complement but don’t overshadow the greatness of your cheese. If you’d rather fresh breads, then offering a few types can take your cheese to new places – rye, sourdough, focaccia, baguette, fruit bread, the possibilities are endless and you really can’t go wrong.

Add a selection of fresh seasonal berries (always good with cheese),  and your Cup day picnic is sure to be a winner. 

The Queen Victoria Market is closed Cup Day, order your Cup Day picnic spread by 10am Sunday to have delivered that day or click and collect. If you’re in the market pop by The Corner Larder and chat to Kev about your selection of cheese, dips, antipasto and meats. Hope your Cup day is a winner!