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Kev’s Christmas tips…Kick off your Christmas feast!

It’s that time of the year…already! Too early to think about Christmas and Christmas food? Maybe not. Here’s Kev’s top Christmas tips for October.

Now we have plans for what Christmas might look like in Victoria, it’s time to get cracking on your Christmas menu and Christmas food shop so you can breeze through the lead up certain that you have a stress free, feast worthy Christmas table to share with family and friends. October is the perfect time to think about the “big ticket” items on your Christmas table – meats, vegetables and dessert.

Kev’s Christmas Tip No. 1 -Plan now!

There’s lots of rumours out there (backed up with some credible industry insights) that ham might be in short supply come Christmas! Covid 19 restrictions on the workforce in abattoirs to now have meant that they are only working to 80% capacity. The extra demand that Christmas brings may see red meat shortages including pork, if restrictions are not changed for abbattoirs. We were in the same position last year and luckily restrictions eased and Kev could source a wide range of hams for our customers. To be on the safe side, Kev has checked with our suppliers; all of whom are small boutique local producers who rely on a supply of quality Australian pork and they are confident of meeting Christmas demand by reducing their range.

But who knows? What we do know though is that Kev’s Christmas ham selection will be available to order online, in person and over the phone after the Melbourne Cup holiday.

Check in with our socials in early November for further details.

Kev’s Christmas Tip No. 2- Check your budget

It’s not only red meat that might be in short supply this Christmas. As a result of agricultural workforce shortages and border closures due to Covid restrictions, there’s likely to be shortages and increased prices for some fresh fruit and vegies too. On the other hand, there may also be a glut! So it may be wise to add a contingency factor to your budget, think about alternatives like frozen fruits & vegetables or other recipes that make use of in season, locally grown vegetables and fruit. Happily, if shortages and higher prices don’t come to pass you have some extra dollars in the bank for holiday

Kev’s Christmas Tip No. 3- It’s pudding time!

October is the perfect time to start pudding preparation. Every year Kev lovingly makes his own Christmas pudding from an old family recipe and it’s about this time he starts plannind,shopping and mixing. Knowing the secret to an extra-ordinary pudding is in soaking the fruit in your favourite spirit (Kev uses brandy) for as long as possible and letting the pudding “mature”, it’s good to get a head start!

Not into making your own pudding? We’ll once again have the delicious award winning Silver Penny gluten free puddings and delicious pudding sauces available this year. You’ll be able to order these online or in person for pick up from The Corner Larder or delivery through the Queen Victoria Market online market place from December 1.

Silver Penny Pudding sizes